Are you ready to challenge for season 7 of The Big Clash Gameshow?
You are here to register interest for your team or University for Season 7 of The Big Clash Gameshow
This registration form is for any individual who is prepared to stand as the official representative of their University, Society or Community Group. 

There will be a follow-up stage after you have completed this form where we will consider your application. 

The Big Clash Gameshow is not limited to one representative. You may change at a later date. However, it is important for you to register the interest for your team to take part or be considered for Season 7 of The Big Clash Gameshow.

Please only continue if you are happy for us to contact you about your registration for this sesaon.
What's your name? *

Please provide an actual name, not nicknames. Thank you.
Hey {{answer_xotK74fqF8Oi}} what is your social media usernames? *

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc
... your team's nickname? *

i.e. #TeamMCR #TeamUH ....
Tell us why you want to register for The Big Clash. Using one of the images below *

What's your mobile phone number? *

Have you taken part before? *

Are you a part of the ACS? (African Caribbean Society) *

It doesn't matter if you are or not. However we'd like to know if you are.
Would you prefer to be Home or Away ? *

Despite your choice, the bookings team will do its best to go with your preferred choice but it is not guaranteed

Challenge 3 Teams! *

Choose 3 teams you would want to challenge, make sure you #ichallengeyou so we can take note. List them below then head to your social media.
Do you have venues in mind for either your possible auditions or actual venue for the show to take place? *

It always helps if you are able to suggest venues. The more the merrier. You can answer no, if you haven't got any for now.
{{answer_xotK74fqF8Oi}} almost done. Thank you for declaring interest to have {{answer_HL2siFinxXSZ}} take part in Season 7 of The Big Clash Gameshow. Please accept the following statements to complete your application. *

A deposit (this is refundable in full if your show is not confirmed). The fee stands as a committed deposit of interest. If you have any queries regarding the fee please email

If {{answer_HL2siFinxXSZ}} exceeds 100 miles in distance from London (M25) your team may have to incur further fees.

The Warm Up is what will follow after the fee is confirmed and application is completed. 

Representatives can be a part of a Union of Society. However this does not automatically provide entitlements to your Union or Society at{{answer_HL2siFinxXSZ}}.

Representatives can change personnel. However, changes can only happen once before official confirmation is made.
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