Season 7 - The Warm Up
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You are here to register your interest in auditioning for your University only.
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What is the Warm Up?
It’s the audition, in fact, it's already time to STRETCH! It’s a mini Clash to see who’s got what it takes to represent YOUR University! We play games that you would have seen at our live shows or on Youtube, get the crowd interacting and cheering to give you a glimpse of how CRAZY and WILD The Big Clash is!

The Warm Up (Auditions) are done by The Big Clash team and are built around having fun and getting to know what it takes to be a part of a team for The Big Clash Gameshow

This registration form is for any individual who is interested in auditioning for their University.

You can still audition for fun. There is no pressure, audition does not guarantee you a spot on the team. However you have to audition to be considered.
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Ever wanted to know what it feels like to take part in The Big Clash, watch Season 6 Finalists talk about their experiences in the video.
Do you have a question you want to ask us about The Warm Ups?

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Auditioning for The Big Clash Game has a £1 fee. If you complete the auditions you get it back. This will be explained via email once we receive confirmation of your application. In the mean time.
Do not give money to anyone, we are not responsible for any transactions made without our authorization. If you have any queries regarding the fee please email

Auditions can be for anyone. If you have a friend that could or should audition. Go through the form again and sign them up. 

Your Team and Campus representatives will be your main contact during the Warm Ups we will share with you their email address so you can contact them for further information.

If after doing this form you no longer wish to audition. Please do let us know so we can remove your name from our list of free giveaways on the night.
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